Pain Management in New Jersey


We are dedicated to achieving pain free results with the most conservative treatment options. It is only when a patient has failed a realistic trial of physical therapy and medical management that we pursue injectional therapy.
We pride ourselves on being exceptional diagnosticians so that a patient need not endure unnecessary or incorrect treatments, and are often able to help diagnose the cause of a patient’s pain where other physicians have failed. Our philosophy is never to do more than is medically necessary.
Both of our doctors are Ivy-League trained and continue to be the best of the best. They specialize in only those minimally invasive procedures which have proven results and are deemed safe and efficacious in eliminating pain. They maintain stellar reputations and are known for their ethical standards and integrity.
We strive to keep our patients non-drug dependent and pain free. We hold ourselves to the highest medical and ethical standards and our patients tell us that we succeed in providing the best care available. After all, the best referral source is a satisfied and healthy patient.